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What To Expect on the ACT

The ACT has a reputation for being fast and user-friendly. Many students find the ACT language familiar and the problems similar to those they solve in school. This enables them to hit the ground running when they open the ACT,

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What to Expect on the SAT

The SAT prizes depth over breadth. Rather than know a little bit about a lot of math topics, you’ll need to fully comprehend the inner-workings of algebra. Instead of quick, efficient reading, you’ll be rewarded for thoroughly understanding rhetorical devices

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Take Self-Paced Classes Anywhere, Anytime Having difficulties with your physics or anatomy class? Is your teacher not really qualified to teach the subject, or are you having a difficult time understanding some of the concepts? Do you want to take

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Common Application Essay Prompts for 2017-2018

The Common Application Announced The Essay Prompts for 2017-2018 1. Some students have a background, identity, interest, or talent that is so meaningful they believe their application would be incomplete without it. If this sounds like you, then please share

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University Acceptances

List of Colleges and Universities where Frosh College Consulting students have recently been accepted to: Arizona: Arizona State University University of Arizona Northern Arizona University California: Azusa Pacific University Biola University California Baptist University California Lutheran University California Maritime Academy

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How I Evaluate Colleges

Parents and students sometimes ask me why I visit so many colleges each year? The answer is easy. Except for extremely well-known competitive schools, it is tough to recommend a university by just researching the key data points, the website

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Financial Aid Changes For Students Applying 2016/2017

FINANCIAL AID CHANGES IN 2016/2017 There are a number of key financial aid changes happening this year — dominated mostly by a new process called Early FAFSA or Prior Prior.  Early FAFSA means that the FAFSA will now become available on

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Help Your High School Counselor Write A Personalized Recommendation

Many students rarely ever walk into their high school counselor’s office, and now as the application date looms, they have to ask for a letter of recommendation from someone they hardly know and who in many cases doesn’t know the

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What Is A High School Profile?

DO YOUR KNOW YOUR HIGH SCHOOL PROFILE? Each high school submits a profile every time one of its students applies to a college or university. This very important document is literally attached to each transcript and mailed as part of

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Facts about Athletic Recruitment at the College Level

The NCAA and NAIA websites have very valuable information for student athletes and their parents. However, the question still remains, “How does a high school athlete get noticed and recruited?” Most high school coaches know a handful of college coaches,

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"Kirsten was wonderful to work with and extremely helpful - for both myself and my daughter Shania. The entire college application process can seem very daunting - especially when you first get started. Kirsten took Shania (and me) through each stage, from beginning to end. She also offered her perspective and advice on which colleges might be the best fit for Shania, based on her personality, talents and strengths, as well as our financial resources. Having access to her website was also extremely helpful when Shania was considering different colleges. I would recommend Kirsten to any parent and high school student as they begin the college research and application journey."

- Deb Zingales
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