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"We have been working with Kirsten for a couple of years on my daughter’s college application process and we are so grateful for her assistance. She helped guide us through the whole process with such a caring attitude. She really cared about my daughter and was always so patient and knowledgeable with her advice. From helping us decided what high school course would be best for our daughter to take and which courses weren’t necessarily needed, to suggesting several colleges to look at, to advising us on a college test prep course to use, she was with us the whole step of the way. Her review of the college essays was such a help to us and she was fantastic at keeping us on track so the process wasn’t too overwhelming. We have recommended Kirsten to a few friends and they are agree that she is the best. If you want a college counselor to help you through this crazy process that knows all the ins and outs and also cares about your student you won’t go wrong in using Kirsten."

- Doug Heller

"Thank you so much for helping me get into Colorado State University, Fort Collins. I would have never thought to give it a chance if it wasn’t for you, and even after one semester I can tell I am meant to be there. It’s such an amazing feeling to be excited about school and I can’t thank you enough."

- Jayda H.

"Kirsten is what every college counselor should strive to be. We started the college process late at the start of my son’s senior year. Mechanical engineering was his chosen path but the vast number of colleges to choose from was intimidating. Kirsten utilized several tests to help narrow the field of colleges that would best suit both our academic, financial and geographical needs. Her extensive knowledge of any college we inquired about was extraordinary – from details relating to the strengths of the individual majors, classes, housing, financial aid, etc. Her knowledge extends far beyond written information. She continually visits campuses around the country in order to personally experience what each college has to offer, as well as the cities the colleges are located in. Her energy, enthusiasm and passion for guiding my college-bound son, as well as myself, was immeasurable in relieving the stress associated with the college process. My son is so well suited to the college and town we chose, he says he is never coming back to California. We were both blessed to have had guidance from such an amazing person."

- Julie Koerber

"Kirsten Frosh is an amazingly effective liaison for the high school to college transition. Her extensive knowledge, unflappable tenacity and her tireless approach to the process of applying to colleges makes the overwhelming and sometimes confusing undertaking a time of excitement and possibility. Her motivating style combines gentle encouragement with realistic assessment as she guides her students with step-by-step plans of action to help them accomplish her goals. Without Kirsten's involvement, I can honestly say I'm not sure my son would have found such a perfect fit! He's thriving beyond my wildest expectations!"

- Cindy Yorks

"Kirsten was wonderful to work with and extremely helpful - for both myself and my daughter Shania. The entire college application process can seem very daunting - especially when you first get started. Kirsten took Shania (and me) through each stage, from beginning to end. She also offered her perspective and advice on which colleges might be the best fit for Shania, based on her personality, talents and strengths, as well as our financial resources. Having access to her website was also extremely helpful when Shania was considering different colleges. I would recommend Kirsten to any parent and high school student as they begin the college research and application journey."

- Deb Zingales
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Kirsten Frosh
Kirsten works with each student providing guidance and individual attention and personally overseeing application content.