Looking for a Different Freshman Experience?

Verto Education and Minerva Schools Offer Truly Unique Educational Approaches

Enough said about Covid-19 and the unknown scenarios of fall 2020 semester experiences. While university enrollment managers and administrators are in the most unenviable situation ever, students and parents are rightfully questioning: “What will my students’ freshman experience be like this fall?” Obviously, there’s no crystal ball, but there are some unique opportunities for students who are seriously questioning whether they will be spending the next year taking online classes in their basement.

Verto Education (www.vertoeducation.org) has been offering students a unique freshman experience since its inception in 2017. The company was built on the premise that not all students need to take the same linear path to earning a college degree, by offering students amazing experiential education opportunities in a variety of international locations. With an extensive network of partner universities across the globe, Verto is able to offer small class sizes of 7-11 students in off-the-beaten-path locations. In terms of Covid-19, Verto anticipates continuing their programs internationally, however, they have built in a semester/year in Hawaii as a back-up plan. The organization has created a detailed “what if scenario plan” outlining the options available if international studies are not possible or safe. Check out their Q&A here: https://vertoeducation.org/fall-scenario-plan/


As a unique provider, Verto Education can deliver its courses and semesters in varied locations, both within and outside of university campuses. This agility allows them to remain committed to their belief that the most impactful education experiences happen in person, not online or bound by a classroom. Check out their impressive partner colleges consortium: https://vertoeducation.org/partner-colleges/.

Another extraordinary educational opportunity comes from the pioneer in educational transformation, Minerva Schools (https://www.minerva.kgi.edu). Minerva has partnered with leading institutions and organizations to deliver customized learning and talent development programs that are more agile and effective than traditional approaches. Based on the science of learning, the schools’ Fully Active Learning pedagogy, Cross-Contextual curricula, and Forum™ online learning environment impart the skill sets and mindsets needed for success in the modern era.

This very competitive educational alternative is currently no longer accepting fall 2020 applicants; however, Minerva offers a unique Visiting Scholars Year intended for students who have been accepted into a leading college or university but face challenges attending in residence for the 2020-21 academic year. In order to begin their studies, Visiting Scholars will be able to remotely complete Minerva’s four Foundation Year courses. Minerva offers undergraduate programs in Arts & Humanities, Business, Computational Sciences, Natural Sciences and Social Sciences.

Interested students should check out this link https://www.minerva.kgi.edu/visiting-scholars/ or email [email protected]. Both of these transformational organizations have excellent track-records and offer fantastic alternatives to studying on the couch this fall.