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10 Exiting STEM Careers

TEN EXCITING CAREERS FOR STEM STUDENTS TO EXPLORE So, you’ve spent four or more years studying in your STEM major, completing summer internships, and participating in team projects. But what exactly does a STEM career look like? Peruse this list

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ENTERTAINMENT, ENGINEERING & DESIGN COMBO The University of Las Vegas, Nevada, offers a rather unusual combination for students interested in Entertainment Engineering and Design. This undergraduate major provides two academic paths for students who are interested in pursuing the interdisciplinary

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Understanding Credentials

According to the Center on Education and the Workforce at Georgetown University, out of the 142 million workers in the United States, 47 million have earned a Bachelor’s degree, 38 million workers have either a certification or a license, and

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What is a Packaging Science Degree?

Are you interested in a STEM career, but not sure whether to pursue an engineering degree? Perhaps you should consider the exciting field of packaging science? Here is what the Rochester Institute of Technology has to say about the degree.

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FAFSA Simplification Act Coming in 2022

The COVID-19 relief legislation includes the FAFSA Simplification Act. There will be some fundamental changes to the way federal financial aid, and institutional financial aid at most colleges, is determined. Here is a quick rundown of some of the most

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Five Things to Consider When Choosing a College Major

Choosing a college major is exciting—but a little scary. After all, a student’s major choice will dictate much of what happens in the following four years and possibly for the rest of their lives. That’s why it’s so important to

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12 Great Examples of Demonstrated Interest

1. CORRESPOND WITH YOUR COLLEGE ADMISSIONS REPRESENTATIVE: Create a relationship by asking questions and letting your rep get to know you. Also, be sure to follow up with your rep after any contact. 2. JOIN THE MAILING LIST AND FOLLOW

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Unintended Consequences of the Test Optional Movement

We can all agree that Covid-19 has changed the college application landscape. Juniors worried about finishing their high school classes online, and those who tutored for the SAT, ACT and AP tests, anticipated a very tough end of semester. All

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Three Reasons to Study Film and Visual Arts in New Mexico

The Trifecta of Film Production in New Mexico Ok, so you think New Mexico is out in the boonies, remote, hot and dusty! To some degree you are correct, but there’s a lot more to the land of enchantment than

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Looking for a Different Freshman Experience?

Verto Education and Minerva Schools Offer Truly Unique Educational Approaches Enough said about Covid-19 and the unknown scenarios of fall 2020 semester experiences. While university enrollment managers and administrators are in the most unenviable situation ever, students and parents are

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Kirsten was fantastic to work with through every step of the daunting task of searching for a college for our son. Her combination of expertise, positivity, and integrity was exactly what was needed. My son felt very comfortable working with her, and he believed that she genuinely cared about what he wanted in a college and what his goals were for the future. She seemed to work tirelessly to provide the most accurate and up-to-date information necessary to navigate the labyrinth of the college application process. Even after applications were finished and acceptances and decision were made, she continued to provide useful information and insight. This has been especially valuable while dealing with the uncertainty during the Coronavirus pandemic. We wouldn't hesitate to work with her again, and we would whole-heartedly recommend her to anyone looking for a thorough, honest, and supportive college specialist. We can't imagine having done this without her!

- James and Toija Fitzgerald
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