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Where you go to college can have a major impact on your life. You want to make the best choice you can in finding the right college for you. So how do you go about it? You talk to your friends but what do they really know? They have never been through this process before and besides, the best college for your friends isn't necessarily the best college for you. You talk to your school counselor. They want to help but they just don't have the time to look at your entire personal background. You buy a book about college admissions but there is so much to consider. What college has what I want, what will it cost my family, when do I apply, what should I write my essay about? Getting into the right college is also getting more difficult as more and more students apply each year and the acceptance rate at many colleges is heading lower and lower. At Frosh College Consulting, I will partner with you and your parents to provide personalized advice to find the best college for you. I will help you evaluate who you are and where your strengths lie. I will listen to you to discover what factors are important to you in finding a great college. I will then help you find colleges that fit your needs best. For more information about the college admissions counseling service I offer, email Frosh College Consulting at kirsten@froshcollegeconsulting.com or give me a call at 714.299.2016. I will be happy to answer any questions you might have about my philosophy or the advantages of hiring my firm.
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Kirsten Frosh
Kirsten works with each student providing guidance and individual attention and personally overseeing application content.

"Kirsten was wonderful to work with and extremely helpful - for both myself and my daughter Shania. The entire college application process can seem very daunting - especially when you first get started. Kirsten took Shania (and me) through each stage, from beginning to end. She also offered her perspective and advice on which colleges might be the best fit for Shania, based on her personality, talents and strengths, as well as our financial resources. Having access to her website was also extremely helpful when Shania was considering different colleges. I would recommend Kirsten to any parent and high school student as they begin the college research and application journey."

- Deb Zingales